Discover people turning their passion into a real business opportunity, while helping others improve their lives through good nutrition. Whether fulltime or parttime, each of the featured Independent Herbalife Nutrition Members has an inspiring story to tell.

Kristie & Rob

Former secretary and Real Estate Agent, Kristie & Rob's inspiring story shows us the possibilities with Herbalife Nutrition.

Morgan's Story

Former Athlete and photographer, tune in to hear Morgan's inspiring story of finding her purpose through Herbalife Nutrition.


Primary School Teacher turned Wellness Coach & Nutrition Club Owner, tune in to hear how Sarah made the transition from employee to entrepreneur! 


Former Tennis Coach & Personal Trainer, tune in to hear how James has been able to build a successful business part-time with Herbalife Nutrition.


Meet former Corrections Officer and Mum of three, Bianca. Hear how Herbalife Nutrition has allowed her to be present as a Mum, while she builds a successful Wellness Coaching business around her family.

Amy & Leigh 

A former Carpenter & Personal Trainer, tune into hear Amy & Leigh's story as to how they have found a fulfilling career with Herbalife Nutrition.

Emily and Marc's Story

Former Osteopath & Personal Trainer, tune in to hear how the Herbalife Nutrition Business Opportunity changed Emily & Marc's life for the better!

Daniel's Story

Former Personal Trainer & Gym Manager, tune into Dan's story to hear how he has grown up within the Herbalife Nutrition community, and how the business opportunity today fuels his passion as an entrepreneur.

Phil's Story

As a busy father of two, Phil came across the Herbalife Nutrition Business opportunity at a crucial time in his life. Tune in to hear his inspiring story!

George's Story

From a young age George was always ambitious, self-motivated and not afraid of hard work. After many years in the insurance and personal development industries, he discovered the opportunity of Herbalife Nutrition. He knew he could stop searching for the right vehicle once he met the founder of the company, Mark Hughes. Tune in for George’s inspiring story.

Krystal's Story

Former hairdresser, now mum of two! Listen to Krystal's story of building a better life through the Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity.

Roger and Ally's Story

Business owner & former nurse, Roger & Ally's story shows the true possibility of applying yourself to the Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity!