Sports Nutrition vs General Nutrition

Fit Woman Drinking Shake

There is a misconception that sports nutrition is only for elite athletes. Granted, elite athletes train hard and their nutritional demands are very high, but sports nutrition is based on a foundation of solid general nutrition which can be applied to anyone: young, old, athletic or sedentary.

General nutrition calls for:

Consuming a certain number of calories in order to sustain vital bodily functions, which is determined by the person’s unique physical makeup and his/her nutritional and fitness goals.

Ensuring calories are composed of the right amount of macronutrients:




Ensuring proper hydration:

This is crucial in order for the body to function properly. Women should drink at least nine cups of water per day, while men should drink at least thirteen cups.

Athletes typically consume a greater number of calories than non-athletes to satisfy their physically active lifestyle. These great bursts of power call for additional hydration as well as energy replacement, primarily in the form of carbohydrates and fats to replace the body’s glycogen, and for protein to feed, grow and maintain muscle mass.The timing of meals is absolutely crucial for athletes. It’s not just what they eat, but when they eat that is important. Their training regimen may require them to eat certain types of macronutrients several more times a day than someone who is not in training.

Follow this simple advice in order to get the most out of physical activity.


Carbohydrates are what fuel a workout – they’re easily digestible and convert to glucose quickly to use as fuel. Product: CR7 Drive


Always drink water at the very least and add electrolytes if you need the extra boost. Electrolytes can replace valuable nutrients such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium, which are lost by sweat. Product: Hydrate


It is important to feed your muscles after a workout. Typically, you want to consume good quality calories within 30 minutes – one hour after a workout to reap the maximum benefit. Consume between 20 and 40 grams of high-quality protein. Product: Rebuild Strength

Source: I Am Herbalife Nutrition