Members Get Busy With Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation

Herbalife Nutrition At Perth Childrens Hospital

Herbalife Nutrition Independent Members recently volunteered for a number of ‘Fun on Four’ activity sessions at Perth Children’s Hospital. Members were involved in activities with the kids such as arts and crafts and musical statues with Stitches the bear.

Most recently, as a part of National Nutrition Week, members helped make nutritional snacks to promote healthy eating alongside children, families and Chef Dale Sniffeen.

Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation manages the important ‘Fun on Four’ recreation zone within the hospital, as an initiative supported by scientific research which shows that happiness greatly assists in the healing process for hospitalised patients.

Being in a hospital, away from the home and family can be a very daunting and distressing experience for children and adolescents. This can lead to feelings of social isolation, disconnection from friends and family, and anxiety. For children and adolescents with serious health issues that require ongoing care, they may spend a significant part of their childhood in a hospital environment. ‘Fun on Four’ provides vital, positive experiences and therapeutic benefits to young patients and families. We are so happy to be able to help!