Can Nutrition Education Fight Off Obesity?

Author: Herbalife Nutrition
Can Nutrition Education Fight Off Obesity?

Throughout the year, you will find commemorations of various health issues, from heart health to diabetes, from obesity to general nutrition. While all have important messages that are designed to remind consumers of the importance and impact of good health, we should be asking why we are limiting these important messages to just one day, week, or month. Good nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle should be top-of-mind year-round.


Educating People to Choose Nutrient-Dense Foods

The concept of nutrient density, which is a measure of how much nutrition you get per calorie eaten, is important to a healthy diet. Remember, when choosing between two food items with the same calorie amount, one food choice can provide your body with the protein, fibre, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals we need every day, whilst another choice may provide empty calories from sugar and fat with no significant nutrients.

For example, if you are looking for a quick snack, reach for a fruit or vegetable, or a high-quality protein, such as a protein bar or protein shake to help you feel fuller.

Healthy eating can be achieved by making informed decisions that can only come through education. This behaviour change helps our communities fight obesity.

We also need to remember that health is holistic in nature, and balanced nutrition is only part of the equation for a healthy and happy life. A consistent exercise regime is essential to a successful plan to get healthy.

By surrounding yourself with a supportive community of like-minded people, in other words, others who want to live a healthy active lifestyle, one can significantly increase the odds of reaching their goals.

Our Independent Members play these roles in their local communities, motivating others and encouraging regular physical activity. As coaches to their customers, they help others make healthier choices and stay on a path to better wellness, using tools, training, and materials developed by our experts in nutrition, health, and fitness.

Through nutrition education and support, we can continue to address the problem of obesity in our communities, one customer at a time.


By Kent L. Bradley

Chief Health and Nutrition Officer

Source: I Am Herbalife Nutrition

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