Our Science


Herbalife Nutrition employs more than 300 scientists and over 50 PhDs to ensure customers enjoy the highest quality. Herbalife Nutrition is committed to setting the standard by which all nutrition companies are measured. We are advancing the science of nutrition through research conducted around the world. Since 2003, we’ve increased our research and development expenditures dramatically to advance the product-development process.

We got Nutrition expert to research and develop our science for best product


At Herbalife Nutrition, we are committed to advancing nutrition science. The development of Herbalife Nutrition products is guided by Herbalife Nutrition Scientific Leadership made up of Nutrition Advisory Boards and professionals in the fields of nutrition and health from around the world, who participate in the company’s product development and testing programs.

Institute of Herbalife Nutrition


The Herbalife Nutrition Institute, made up of leading experts around the world, is tasked with promoting excellence in the field of nutrition through research and education. Herbalife Nutrition also supports clinical research at major universities to provide scientific support for our products in countries around the world.


Our commitment to quality begins at the source. Herbalife Nutrition uses the finest ingredients from around the world to develop our range of high-quality nutritional products. 

We choose the best ingredients for best product

Great Ingredients

Farmed and harvested through Herbalife and its top-quality ingredient partners.

Our nutrition create from advance science

Nutrition-based Science

Products based on years of established nutrition science.

The Testing

Thorough Testing

Multiple rounds of rigorous Quality Control testing.

At Herbalife Nutrition, we care deeply on every step of our manufacture process

Manufactured with Care

State-of-the-art blending, compression, packaging and manufacturing.

We deliver best Nutrition to you

Nutrition Delivered to You

Advanced technology to monitor conditions throughout the process ensuring high quality products.

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Herbalife Nutrition Facilities benefit from the latest technology and are among the most advanced in the world. All our laboratories are ISO 17025-certified, but it doesn’t stop there - we track product quality to the end of shelf life.