Top Yoga Poses to Improve Mobility and Flexibility

Author: Emine Basarir
Top Yoga Poses

By Emine Basarir

Personal Trainer and Member, Fitness Advisory Board

Yoga has long been acclaimed for its positive benefits on muscles and joints and is an ideal posture-based style of fitness for those looking to improve both flexibility and mobility. There are many styles of yoga – from Hatha and Bikram, to Ashtanga and Budokon, and each style offers various levels of flexibility, strength and stamina. Before you commit to a yoga routine, you may want to try a few different classes to find a style of yoga that suits your personality, fitness level and needs.

Yoga can be ideal as your main form of exercise or use it in addition to your normal workout regime.

Remember: If you notice closed or tense points in your body, make sure to take corrective actions to reduce the risk of injury.


Here are some specific yoga poses I recommend:

The Pigeon Pose

The first hip opener pose is the Pigeon Pose. This is a great hip opener that is used for stretching and lengthening the ligaments and muscles, as well as the IT band to the outer line of the thigh.

The outer extension movement on the upper legs can stretch the piriformis muscle and relieve the tension on the sciatic nerve. It is especially recommended for people with sciatic problems. This pose is also good to help stretch the psoas muscle, groin, and adductor muscles.


The Garland Pose

Another pose is the Garland Pose. Garland pose helps to stretch the hips and inner thighs and helps lengthen the spine. Doing this exercise also helps your pelvic and hip joints.


Before embarking on any physical activity, please consult your physician.