Mike found himself low in energy, gaining weight and suffering back, shoulder and neck pain, eventually limiting his ability to even turn his head. With a background in manual labour, Mike had worked in the building and fishery industries, as a hotelier and the owner of several small businesses. You could say he was a Jack of all trades.

Scouring through newspapers looking for career and financial opportunities, Mike answered a newspaper ad about a home business which proved to be life-changing. It offered him the opportunity to improve his health and wellbeing while building a business.

“Upon starting Herbalife’s Nutrition Program combined with regular exercise, I noticed that my energy and stamina levels had improved. I trimmed 9 kilograms of excess weight and my productivity levels increased.

I began to wake up earlier and brighter and had better focus and concentration throughout the day.”

“As a result of getting started and taking advantage of the training and support that is provided by Herbalife Nutrition, I now work from home helping other people become healthier and happier which is something I love.”

“More recently I have been using several sports nutrition products including CR7Drive, a sports drink designed in consultation with Cristiano Ronaldo to replace essential electrolytes lost in sweat during exercise, and 24 Rebuild Strength, which has improved the speed and quality of my recovery. I’ve also noticed a change in my energy and stamina, whether playing sport or strength training, and my ability to back up and train the next day has improved dramatically.

It is important to note this is just one person’s story and these results are not typical. Individual results will vary. Income applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted are not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average Gross Compensation Paid by Herbalife Nutrition at Herbalife.com.au

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