Woman Then Now Fitness Strength

Prior to Herbalife Nutrition, I always loved fitness and thought I had a ‘healthy active lifestyle’. I love training at the gym, but I never really got the results that I wanted, which is why I would constantly jump on and join the latest diet fads. This led me on a vicious cycle of ‘losing weight’ and then regaining the weight that I had lost after my so called ‘diet’ had finished.

Since I started my Herbalife Nutrition Program, I’ve been able to find a way to get sustainable results, maintain them and to work smarter, not harder. I’ve gone on to lose 5kgs, 6cms of my waist and dropped over 6% body fat. I then focused on building strength and lean muscle mass by incorporating the Herbalife24 Sports range, and I have been able to gain over 5kgs of lean muscle mass.

The most profound thing throughout my journey so far has to be the energy boost and how I feel absolutely amazing every single day! I am blessed to have control of my health.

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