Couple Herbalife Nutrition Business Success

It was a challenging time for Michelle Sharpe and her husband in 2013. Between them, they were working seven jobs to provide for their two young children, while having to care for the youngest at home with special needs.

Michelle was introduced to Herbalife Nutrition through a friend. She used the dedicated nutrition and exercise plan together with scientifically developed products to change her lifestyle, build lean muscle, and improve her energy levels.

“In my first month of working as a Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributor I earnt almost the same as I had previously earnt by taking four small casual jobs, working around my kids. I finally started to be able to have the energy, time and freedom to drop my daughter at school, get to know the other parents and take our youngest son to his specialist appointments.”

Michelle and her husband are now self-employed, giving them the freedom to spend quality time with their kids. In the five years that she has been with the global nutrition company, she has qualified for five vacations, taking her and her family to Bali, New Caledonia, Hamilton Island and Queenstown, New Zealand.

“What we love most is that in this opportunity, the effort you put in, you get back and the support structure and training provided by the brand is vital to building a career or hobby opportunity. We use this opportunity as our family business and love it!”

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