Woman Running Herbalife Nutrition Business Success

Young, smart, fit, healthy and successful. These words are used over and over again to describe the effervescent Amy Rich.

Burnout, fatigue and stress were three words from the outside looking in that no one would’ve associated with the self-employed personal training and fitness guru.

“I found myself burning out as a traditional business owner and facing challenges such as contractor turnover, no financial consistency or security, minimal time freedom and lack of support,” said Amy.

“From a health perspective I wasn’t taking good care of myself, I had poor nutritional and training habits, digestive issues, I was training excessively, eating high sugar foods, highly stressed and anxious, and didn’t feel I was being a great version of myself.”

Amy started out on a dedicated nutrition plan in 2014 and soon saw results.

Herbalife Nutrition has given Amy a holistic approach to business combining nutrition, personal development and a sense of community whilst supplementing her and partner Leigh’s income.

“My digestive health improved, I noticed a reduction in bloating and my energy increased. I was able to drop body fat and build lean muscle whilst reducing my exercise. My skin health improved and for the first time I felt great from the inside out. My body has continued to transform, and I feel so healthy.

Prior to their Herbalife Nutrition journey, Amy and Leigh had been chasing their dreams through traditional business methods, but realised their ventures were not going to deliver what they truly wanted.

“We took on the nutrition business opportunity as a way to achieve our financial and lifestyle goals. We loved the support, mentoring and coaching that came with the opportunity. We quickly built a community of people who are not only achieving great health results but whom are also able to achieve their financial and business goals too.

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