Emily & Marc

Couple Then Now Herbalife Nutrition Business Success

Melbourne couple Emily and Marc have always had a passion for health and fitness. Both had set up their own businesses by their mid-twenties. Marc was a Personal Trainer, Business Coach and Gym owner, whilst Emily was an Osteopath, Pilates Instructor and Clinic owner.

Working long hours, including weekends, and feeling their stress levels rising, both Emily and Marc saw the strains this lifestyle placed on their health and their relationship. They wanted to achieve a life of freedom, impact and choices, however, their gym and clinic ventures left them burnt out and feeling financial strain.

Both were looking to align with a company they could trust and authentically believe in. Emily felt a close connection to the story, products and people associated with the global nutrition company.

They both transitioned their passion to Herbalife Nutrition as a full-time career in 2013, giving them the flexibility, time, freedom and adventure in their everyday lives.

“Unlike the headaches of traditional business, Herbalife Nutrition has given us the freedom we were always looking for – the ultimate entrepreneurial lifestyle. Without this opportunity, who knows if our relationship would have survived the stress that we were under. It has completely changed our life and the lives of our family too,” Emily said.

“Once we experienced the products, the community and some of the larger events facilitated by our corporate team, we knew that Herbalife Nutrition was the company we would call ‘home’ for the next phase of our business journey.”

Emily and Marc are approaching their sixth year as part of the Herbalife Nutrition family.

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