Man Then Now Herbalife Nutrition Business Success

I am originally from Mexico. Before getting involved with this business I did not have any experience or background in business at all. I had been backpacking around the world for 6 years and was looking for some extra income to carry on with my travels.

I came across this opportunity through an advert in the local paper and I was invited to attend a Herbalife Opportunity Meeting.

I was so impressed by the stories that I heard that I decided to get started, even though I didn’t know anybody in the country.

I was shown how to get started ‘step by step’. I attended a local training and by following what I had learned I made a pretty decent income in my first 3 months so, I decided to keep going! Since then I have had amazing adventures and a great journey with Herbalife Nutrition. I even met my wife through this business...she was one of my customers! I love what I do and I continue to travel the world - now with my wife Helen.

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