Father’s Day Testimonials

Herbalife Nutrition Dads

Check out how Herbalife Nutrition helps fuel these Dads’ healthy, active lifestyles.



Living a healthy active lifestyle for me is a must.

Having a busy life with many responsibilities I need to be operating at my best, physically and mentally. Herbalife Nutrition products have made this so much easier for my training and wellness needs. When I’m feeling good physically and mentally, I’m able to focus better and be more present as a father.

As a father I need to lead by example for my boys so they can learn and develop to be confident and capable as they grow.


As a young dad of 55, being fit & healthy plays a big role in my life.
Herbalife Nutrition has played a big role in that over the last 30 years.



After initially starting on my Herbalife Nutrition journey to fuel my performance on the hockey field... 16 years later I love that it now helps me be the best healthy active father I can be!

Plus, it’s allowed me to grow personally and be part of a great community of inspiring positive people, including many incredible father’s I’m grateful to call my mates and mentors!


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