Hear from our Members


I choose Herbalife Nutrition to fuel my workouts and keep my body in tip top shape. Exercise training and learning how to fuel my body correctly has not only changed my life but my passion for health and fitness has also opened up the opportunity to further my education and become a personal trainer. Now I am able to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. Thank you, Herbalife Nutrition and the community, for assisting me on my journey and fuelling each and every one of my workouts with the number one nutrition in the world.


I have chosen to use Herbalife Nutrition, because 9 years ago I did not have any knowledge about nutrition or I will say, I didn’t know the difference between eating and feeding my body. Since my youngest age, I always played a lot of sport, but I found it hard to get a good recovery. Thanks to my great coach, she helped me understand that with the right hydration and nutrition, I could improve my recovery. Since then, I am healthier and happier and help people along the way into my healthy fitness journey. Thanks Herbalife Nutrition.


I choose Herbalife Nutrition because since I started taking the products, I feel healthier, younger and more confident within myself. Herbalife Nutrition is not only about taking products, but also a consistent growth inside, an amazing community around the world and knowing that we can improve ourselves to be a better version every time and therefore inspire others. I can say very loud and proud I am a Herbalife Nutrition product.